This is the blog of Bill Perrine. All posts (unless by guests) represent my own opinions and idiosyncrasies, and should be read with a serious grain of salt.  While I readily admit that I’m an intellectual  (and really never have tried to be anything else), I’m also a bit fickle when it comes to an argument. Not to say that I don’t have deep convictions, but really…life’s too short to get too worked up about what we read and write on line.  So if I write about politics, or art, or religion, or just ideas in general, feel free to comment or discuss. Just remember (in the words of the immortal  philosophers, Bill and Ted): Be Excellent to Each Other.

Why “Off the Box”?  I see our vocations as being curious things; in one sense it’s only a part of who we are as people, yet in another sense the deep divide between “what we do” and “who we are” seems to me at least to put a strain on being authentic and human beings created in God’s image.  In one sense, I’ve spent much of my professional life on a literal “box”, with all the cultural trappings and expectations that being a “band director” entails…something that I’ve often found more than a little stiffling. In another sense, I’m constantly interested in thinking “outside the box”, pushing the envelope a little bit, breaking the mold. Professionally, this has gotten me in more than my fair share of trouble.  C’est la vie…this blog is about stepping off the box, being myself, and rambling about whatever aspect of life seems interesting on any given day.


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