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Here I am with my second attempt at a blog.  My first lived a short life at another blogging site which shall not be named…needless to say customer service there is non-existent, particularly if you forget your password or change your e-mail address.  I have a couple posts from that site that I will repost here just to get things going. Here’s to wasting hours on line which would be better spent (!?) on coursework for my degree…


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  1. Ken Davis says:

    I am literally surprised that you would think that all creationist subscribe to this geocentrist position. That is not the case! Those who teach the creation position of a young earth (6-10,000 years old) do not attest to the earth being the center of the universe but rather being part of the universe. At least that was my understanding when I was in Seminary and I did sit under John Whitcomb, who is one of the leading proponents of creationism. He co authored a book with Henry Morris entitled the Genesis flood plus other works. None of them hold to geocentric theory. So I disagree with your position on this particular subject!

    • offthebox says:

      Hi Ken,
      Thanks for replying! I actually didn’t say that all young earth creationists subscribe to this theory. The statistics I cited point to a situation in which slightly less than half of the people who believe in a young earth also believe that the sun revolves around the earth, which is still a significant number of people. This in no way implies that all people who believe in a young earth believe in geocentrism, or that the leaders of the YEC movement advocate this position. Answers in Genesis in particular is quite clear on their website that they do not believe in strict geocentrism, and in my next post I’ll address how both AiG and IRC approach the topic. I’m okay with disagreement, though, so thanks for posting!

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